The Balancing Game


Everything in life is part of a daily balancing game. But for non-published authors we have an extra piece that we love and cherish that we need to dedicate ourselves, in order to keep going. Not to mention at least for me I’m a mother of three homeschooling teens (which I will have to admit has made life easier), a wife, library volunteer, home owner of a house up for sale, friend, CP/beta reader, and owned by two dogs and we’ll stop there.

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Every day I carve out time for my three loves writing, the husband and my kids no matter what’s on my plate. Whether I’m waking at three in the morning or staying up until three in the morning I find the time for writing.

While, making sure to spend time with my husband so we never forget why we fell in love and started down this road of life together in the first place.

Every afternoon I make sure to follow up on the kid’s virtual classes and school work, and be an overall nosey, huggie mom.Image result for mom helping with homework gif

Luckily for me when it comes to meals, my husband was a chef and cooking rarely lands in my lap which is just another moment I steal to write, whether it be a scene or an outline or even a blog post. My family has become a driving force and cheerleaders, always finding distractions for themselves so I have more time to write.Related image

My friends are super pushy about writing. Heck, some have been known to bribe me with wine to write or submit my writing.

In this game of life writing is where I find myself, this piece of the balancing game may not pay, —yet. But it is my only job and I will work till I get paid.

No matter what if writing is what you love find the time even if it’s on your smart phone during breaks at work or the commute home—or waiting to pick up your kids in the car loop. Continue to find the balance that works for you and your life. The game belongs to you, you don’t belong to the game.

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